“Happiness is in the meadow. Run quickly, run quickly..
Happiness is in the meadow. Run quickly. It?s going to disappear
... Amongst the water parsley and the wild thyme, run there quickly
in the water parsley and the wild thyme ? run there quickly before it disappears.
Paul Fort Le Bonheur

A village of old houses huddled together on the edge of a plateau, above the green Ozerain valley, in the centre of Burgundy, rated one of the most beautiful villages in France.

Is there a more exquisite smile to be found on any other sculpture ?

Narrow winding streets, beautiful houses, locally made aniseed bonbons, carolingien crypts, an angel?s smile, postcards written under the limetrees, white wine from the local vineyards, vespers from the Benedictine monks, a resting place close to La Licorne Bleue (The Blue Unicorn), ...


“The real Auxois , these cool pastoral valleys, widening out as if opening themselves up to the abundant sweetness of life”
Gaston Roupenel La Bourgogne



During your stay, you may wish to play tennis or go running in the valleys and forests, before dropping in on the Gaulois at the archaelogical site of Alésia, et Bussy Rabutin and its château. Or you may prefer a swim in the Pont Lac or to meditate while visiting the Cistercian Abbey of Fontenay.All this can be discovered within about a half hour drive from Flavigny.

Within a radius of about un hour, you will reach the the chateaux of Ancy-le-Franc and Tanlay, the villages of Noyers or Châteauneuf, the treasure of Vix at Chatillon, Morvan Nature Park, the Hospices de Beaune, Autun, Vezelay or Dijon... after all this you may long for the calm of Flavigny !


Photography Jean-Luc Tahon
Angel of the Annunciation 14th, C.Church of St Genest, Flavigny
Siren of Mercy, Church of St Genest, Flavigny
François Nicolas Martinet , engravings from the Buffon Natural History Museum of Birds
Camille Corot, A Field of Wheat in the Morvan, Lyon Fine Arts Museum.

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